Do you think a former player deserves to be with a girl who has high moral standards?


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  • Don't mean to bring the bad news but as someone else said you get what you've been giving in life. I don't want to associate with a man that doesn't share a similar sexual past to mine, which is low count and the type that's only in a relationship.

    Just like many guys think that a woman that slept around isn't relationship nor wife material, I think the same for a guy that slept around. Yes, he can changed but I refuse to take that risk and will not.

    • Bad to hear that. I wanted to settle down and start a serious relationship not to continue that old way of mine.

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    • So what should I do? I don't want to end up alone. Really want to find someone who I love and be with exclusively with her.

    • You want want to consider a couple things:
      - Stop using the word deserve
      - Don't use sexual double standards
      - Be happy to find a girl that wants a marriage and a family and seek for her personality
      - Don't ask a woman ''so how many relationship you had''... don't ask her the numbers questions
      - Get rid of the ''but I deserve to a girl with higher morals'' otherwise you're going to continue being single

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  • no i do not, you get what you give in life. Hypocrite is the term for someone who has a double standard for themselves. You can redeem yourself though, show that you can have morals over a few years and forgiveness.

    • I want to change and want to be with a nice girl for the rest of my life.

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    • I can prove it by giving you another down vote right now.

    • LOL I didn't vote on your comment. I actually agree with you... here's an upvote. There's a difference between having someone give you a second chance and feeling like you "DESERVE" that second chance, though. No one DESERVES anything.

  • Nope, I have no time for hypocrites.

    • There is no hypocrisy here he is a former player so he is not a jerk anymore.

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    • I would quit all bad habits and would be loyal to her after marriage and give all of my love and attentions only to her.

    • Sorry but I just don't think it would be fair for me that I've waited for a relationship all this time while he's been screwing around and suddenly when he's older suddenly thinks of commitment. Where is the special moment where he already give in to temptation?
      Why would I want someone that had enter many girls? Why should it only be my moment but not his?

      I consider having a special moment for the both of us important.

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  • No not really. These things are subjective so there should be some wiggle room but your example is asking too much. What makes you think you deserve a nice, sweet, sexually reserved girl when you've been a jerk with no self control for the last 10+ years. There are plenty of nice, sweet men who are more deserving of and similar to those women.

    • Because I was so young and did stupid things but now I'm mature and want to settle down.

    • Being young and stupid is not a legitimate excuse. I am young but I am respectful to those who deserve respect, I have never done drugs, drank alcohol, smoked cigarettes, etc. And you literally just said that you don't believe in gender equality, and now you want us to believe that you are mature. You're mature but you don't see women as equal human beings? You have a long way to go before you can start calling yourself mature. Sounds like you just want to have your cake when you ate it last week. You don't deserve to have it both ways.

  • "Deserve"?

    I'm not in the "deserve" business. People make mistakes during their personal evolution in life, and in my opinion people should be given the chance to repent themselves.

    Why do u sound like you don't want any former player guy, to have a quality woman? No need to hate and be bitter.

    • I'm a reformed player and wanted to know what pure girls think of it. thanks by the way.

  • Just change the way you dress and you should be good and don't tell anyone what you were

  • They don't DESERVE them. Same way that women who sleep around don't DESERVE men with high moral standards.

    • Its not the same way. I don't believe in gender equality.

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    • To be honorable is to be a person who is at their very core a moral and respectable person. You don't have honor, yet you specifically claimed that you are one of those guys who has honor. Perhaps with time and a serious mental readjustment you could claim to have some honor. But that day is nowhere near, and I don't think that you'd ever make it there given your attitude. You act like your own actions should just be forgotten but you demand high standards from women. You have no humility and as long as that is the case you are a hopelessly dishonorable person.

    • Committing yourself to being better is the future is meaningless. Words are cheap.

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