Is she ever ever really out of my league?

This question is specific to my but at the same time I ask you to think about whether in your opinion (as a girl or guy) is that person who really wants to go on and try to get that date or relationship, are they ever out of your league. I am a good guy, I have a good heart and I want to see where that gets you. I ask you to take everything into consideration (not specific to me) looks, personality, creativity, lifestyle, income, everthing that matters to you. Tell me is she out of my league or do we stand a chance with the person we desire?
  • S/He can be out of your league
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  • S/He is out of your leauge but you always have a chance
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  • S/He is never out of your league (granted certain minimum requirements)
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  • This question isn't clear/I hate this question
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I always believe you have a change with most people. That being said I wouldn't walk up to Brad Pitt and ask for a date. If you have feelings for someone, why not tell them! You never know where your heart may lead you. So take a chance, and live life to the full and without regrets!


Most Helpful Guy

  • I voted C... But the truth is anyone can cross over into anyone's world, but you must be able to speak the language and walk the walk... leagues, status, social classes... That's the things that separate people... but if one can look past that... Then no, there is no limitation.


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  • They are only out of your league if you truly bel Eve but honestly you can be with whoever you want every human is equal , just love who you love ! Could you answer my question

  • I get told a lot that I date people "below" me. That makes me sick. I'm a calendar girl and get attention form arge, musclar, gym rat type men. And that's what people expect me to date. It's annoying. I'm currently daiting A guy that's the same height as me 5"5. He's not fit. Doesn't meal prep, loves his food. Labor job. And adores me. And that's enough. 😍. He's wonderful. And I couldn't care less about was League were on.

  • I went with option three, but those "minimum requirements" are kinda what makes a league, in my opinion.

  • dont think so.


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