Here's 3 guys you don't want to be in the dating world... Agree?

1. Mr. Captain savior. Mr captain savior is the kind of guy that always takes a woman's side all the time everytime regardless if she's right or wrong. He always tries extra hard to be politically correct at all costs and shuns ANY guy who has ANY honest criticism about women whatsoever. He's also the type of guy who would sell his family and friends to ISIS if it was going to get him a chance with a woman.

2. The unattractive misogynist. The unattractive misogynist will be dateless regardless if he hates women or not, but if he's that guy that's desperate for the least amount of female attention , its not a good thing for him to be a misogynist. If he had the looks and/or money, he could be the attractive and/or financially secure misogynist and he would still get plenty of dates and gf's , but since the unattractive and/or broke misogynist doesn't have the looks and/or money, he would still be screwed even if he had a A+ personality dressed, well and was outgoing.

3. Mr. fazed by rejection. Mr. fazed by rejection doesn't understand that he MUST have overly unconditional hope and never let rejection faze him. He has to realize that he's the screw up and that if he would've just follow the advice of experts, he could get any woman on earth to go out with him 1,000% guaranteed. He's also supposed to have a 7th sense and he's supposed to know if he approached a woman wrong or wasn't confident enough because everyone knows that guys get rejected because of bad approaches lack of confidence 99.9% of the time. So what do you all think? Weigh in...


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