She is obviously jealous.. Should I worry?

Okay first of all. Me and this girl got really close.. We not dating but she has feelings for me. And I feel the same way.. She is insecure, pointing that out and I got to reassure her from time to time she the best that there is (Which by all means I truly mean)

Now to the point.. We are building a relationship based on trust and telling each other everything.. This other friend of mines asked me to hangout tomorrow.. And I accepted the request.. And to keep with my word with my SO I told her about it.. Obviously she wasn't too happy with the news she was like " okay." Idc " go have fun with her (: idc tbh" and I told her I could cancel if she wasn't too happy with it " bit she insisted.. So I'm still doing it.. She gives short replies.. We haven't talked for a while im giving her some space for now as to not provoke anything.. However o told her goodnight through text a while ago ask she said was "night" should I be concerned?

Ohh and by the way.. I told her straight up instead of her seeing on my snapchat pictures (if we would to take any with that girl) and avoid misunderstandings.. My SO is coming to meet with my folks this Friday.. Would this circumstance make her not come anymore?

Your thoughts?
Forgot to add.. Three friend that invited me over its a girl


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  • She is obviously bothered by it. How would it make you feel if she mentioned to you that she would hang out with a guy friend of hers?
    You didn't even invite her to come along with you.
    As for the circumstance making her not come, I have no clue. You know her better than I do.

    • Another guy from the comments pointed that out.. And like I told him... Yes I would really be bothered..

      Did I do wrong in telling her then? I didn't wanted to keep secrets from her..

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    • She probably needs some time to chill and calm down.
      Anyway, truth is you didn't do anything wrong apart from not asking her to tag along.

    • I guess I could give her sine space.. And true. Thanks for the advice

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  • So would you be jealous if she were to text you that she was planning to go hang out with a guy? I mean, since you have feelings for her. Would that be okay with you?

    When you were telling her you were going to hang out with the girl, did you clarify that it was just as friends? IS she just a friend?

    Sounds like you aren't actually "telling each other everything." See what I mean? :)

    • Before telling her I thought of myself if I was the one receiving the text.. And yes I thought I would be mad...

      And I was gonna but before I could sh he said "I don't want no speech about you just being friends with her"

    • And Yea she is just a friend

    • Just say, "It's not a speech, and do you prefer some alternative to my being honest with you?"

      And if it's just a friend, that should be cool, once she's convinced and assuming she feels trust in you.

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  • Am I the only one who doesn't understand the big deal? She doens't own you and its good to spend some time a part it wasn't like you said "I'm going on a date" you were just hanging out with anothing girl I would tell her to get over it

    • Don't you think telling her to get over it would hurt her or infuriate her?

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    • She is obviously insecure from the past so just say basically "Look I only like you and I didn't mean to upset you but I'm not going to cut off some of my friends just because they are girls" and then you can't do anymore than that

    • Yea I guess I could tell her that. Thanks for your advice

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