Why do some guys get worried when their girlfriends hang out with me?

Is it because I'm single?

my guy friend has a boat and he wanted to take me on it. I told my cousin and her boyfriend
i never Invited them, but he didn't want her chilling with me cuz of that

plus a lot of my female friends boyfriends don't like their girlfriends hanging out with me

its weird
but parents like me
so I know it's not cuz I'm a bad influence


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  • a lot of guys dont want their gfs to have a single friend bc they think you'll influence them to live the single lifestyle and cheat


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  • (laughing)
    A female neighbours husband wouldn't even allow her to power walk the bike tracks with me. ie: He called her cell just five minutes in.

    I see this as total insecurity mixed with fear and paranoia.