What do I do about this situation?

Me and my guy had a talk about "us" yesterday. We've been together since May. We are both facing hard decisions because we live overseas and are both coming to the end of contracts for work for me and the end of study for him. In the conversation he called me his best friend and also his partner and listed me on his list of priorities that he needs to decide about.
He wants to go home because he hasn't been back in about a year and a half but doesn't know if he wants to remain there or return to the country we've been living in. He brought up a scenario of me moving there (I thankfully work freelance so it's easy to get a job) but I don't know if it was just a hey we could do this or if it is really an option.

My thing is I don't want to be sitting waiting but I also don't want to keep pushing. I don't doubt his feeling for me.
Has anyone been in this situation? What do I do? Do I let it go and just see what happens? Do I fight for what I want?


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  • I have not personally been in that position, but I would recommend sitting down and having a serious conversation about the relationship and where you both see it going in the future. You also should find out if he was serious about living together and decide if that's what you truly want. At the ending of it all I would say fight for what you want


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  • fight for it! if you truly like him do it! it'll be worth it! make the effort and prove to him that you really do care


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  • Fight for what you want. Pursue your Goals. Just do it to achieve your Goal n make your dreams come true.


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