Why did he say "he's not looking for a relationship" but he acts like he likes me. Does it really mean he's not or is he trying to let me down gently?

I told my crush i liked him and asked if he felt the same way. he told me he wasn't looking for a relationship and is just trying to focus on god. he didn't really answer my question... and after i asked again and he replied, friends. maybe i asked too soon? but the thing is, is that he acts like he does like me. he gets nervous when he's around me, gets all shy, and acts like he totally likes me. even my friends and family say it so i know I'm not imaging it. someone HELP!


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  • I advise taking things at face value and stopping any assumption making. He said he didn't want a relationship that's all he wanted you to know. From that point on any assumptions you make about how he feels isn't his real feelings it just you confirming your own feelings about yourself through him. So don't overthink it. He said all he wanted you to know worrying about it's just gonna make you miserable.

    • but then why is he still giving me mixed- signals? should i just get over him?

    • No need to just get over him just stop getting so twirled up about him. He's a guy. Which means he's human. Which means he's just like you. He's stumbling around not really sure what he should do. He's not really sure how he feels and definetly doesn't know how to articulate it to you. I can't tell you what his opinion is about you. I just don't know. And no one will ever truly no. But you do know how you feel about you and that's what you should focus on. Don't worry about if he likes you focus on learning to love yourself learning to love life and learning to enjoy it the goods and the bads and let him make up his kind on his own time. It's really your only choice.

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  • If he says he's not ready for a relationship then believe him. Anything else he does is either you just mistaken friendliness for flirting or your mind seeing what you want to see but not the reality. If he wanted you to be his girlfriend he wouldn't have said that.


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