Girls, What does the physical attraction mean to you and when does it a deal breaker?

hot loking guy or not hot looking guy what is the difference in physical attraction for you?


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  • I don't base my attraction to a person solely on their physical characteristics. We have to be compatible emotionally, and have stuff in common. Otherwise I wouldn't bother pursuing it.


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  • The difference isn't easy to explain in details.
    If I'm attracted to a guy, I'm attracted to him.
    If I'm not attracted to a guy, I'm not attracted to him.
    It's that simple actually. If I'm not attracted to him, I am not gonna date him, I guess you can call it a deal-breaker then.

  • The difference is one I'd have to see in person. A deal breaker? That's if he's shorter than 7 feet tall, taller than 10 feet, and his breath smells like mint. We super mutants don't exactly like flimsy beasts.

  • It's a deal breaker due to sex being necessary in the relationship and if I'm not sexually attracted, I'm not going to want to have sex.

    I'm not expecting a superbly delicious guy. That's not even what I want. Someone that I'm sexually attracted to. It's as simple as that.

    • if a guy was insecure?

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    • It'd be hard-pressed to find a guy that is more confident/secure than I am because that means he would have to be arrogant and I'm not interested in arrogance.

      You still aren't understanding what I'm saying, but that's okay.

    • so settle the same level of confidence and security ;)

  • For me, I always tend to fall for guy's personalities before anything else, and then I start to notice their physical attractiveness and beauty. I really do like when guys are athletic and are physically active though.

  • It's pretty important. I won't go out with a guy if I don't find him physically attractive AND like his personality as well. It has to be a combination.

  • sometimes I can acknowledge a guy is attractive, but not be attracted to him, if I don't know him well or if I don't like his personality. usually I have to know a guy well to have feelings for him
    very rarely do I have feelings for a guy without being attracted him at all. but I can't say that's never true, because a guy I thought was not good looking for about 6 months because I liked everything else about him
    most of the time I don't think a guy is attractive from the beginning, but once I get to know him then I see it for. For instance, my current boyfriend, who I think is really cute now, but didn't even notice was in my high school class because he blended in back then. once I got to know his personality, I noticed and appreciated his looks more
    hope this answered your question!


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