Girls, How do I handle this guarded girl?

I've got the personality type that people open up to me very easily. I don't know why. Anyway I took this girl out and it took a while to get to that point. The way she talked to me she seemed guarded. Like she talked about how she lost all of her friends in highschool. She also mentioned how she never keeps the Sam group of friends very long because it gets weird. It just sounds like someone who is scared to get hurt. I was surprised that she told me all of that on a first date. We do know eachothef and see and talk to each other weekly. For all of that though it's seems like she had fun. We were laughing and playfully pushing each other the whole time. She even talked about us swimming together in the future.
However I haven't heard from her the past few days. I thought she lost interest but someone told me she might be feeling vulnerable and trying to push me away. Is this a possibility?


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  • That is absolutely what is happening. Give her a few days and seek her out. Ask her if she would like to take a walk with or... or suggest grabbing a latte

    • So I am not wrong? I was starting to questions myself. I mean I can be patient because I think she is worth it

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    • She sounds like a Scorpio lol

    • And you're most welcome😊

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  • Yes mist definetly. this girl seems that she has learned the hard way that the the only person that she can truly depend on is herself. the only thing that you can do is be patient, be directand, and open your self to her. show her the real you, all raw and eventually she will do the same. it will probably take a month or two so you have to be patient and if you truly like this girl you will.

  • Maybe? Try giving her a call to follow up

  • Text her!!


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