Have you ever noticed that couples look very much alike?

The question however is :

If someone is below average-looking , will he or she most likely attract a mate from the same league?
If someone is above average lookiing or (even models to mention the extreme ) , will they most likely attract a mate of their own kind?

According to this assumption, average-looking people should theoretically have a much easier time dating.

What do you think?


Most Helpful Girl

  • damn this video is impressive!
    but as anon said; people tend to get attracted to those with similar facial features

    • Hence, people with model looks (face) for example are attracted to people who have model looks as well (face)

      I think my assumption can be confirmed

Most Helpful Guy

  • People tend to fall into two general categories. Those who value what they have and those who value what they do not have. For example if you are the first type and you have looks, you value looks and will end up with someone with looks, if you have brains you value brains and will end up with someone with brains. The second type values what they don't have, if they may have looks and go for brains or brains and go for looks.
    The first type tends to have high self-esteem (justified or not) and can be narcissistic. The second tends to have low self esteem but not always.

    • What if a person has both? Far superior looks an far superior intelligence?

    • First off it's never a good thing to compare yourself to other people. There are many situations that call for it but you should avoid it whenever possible and not think that way.

      There are lots of other things you can value about another person, I just choose looks and smarts because they are two of the most common. Others would include but not be limited to, kindness, consideration, insightfullness, charm, diligence, energy, being upbeat and happy, artistic talent, etc & etc.

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What Girls Said 3

  • Yes I have.
    Happens all the time.
    I know a lot of couples who look like brother and sister... Kind of weird to be honest.

    • As for the below - above average thing: Since girls are supposed to be prettier, if she is average, chances are her male counterpart will be above average. Some men look unappealing with overly female features, so his woman counterpart might actually look stunning...
      These questions you posed are very subjective.

  • Except for me and my partner.

    We are different races (Skin complexions).
    I am thin.
    And he is 100 lbs overweight.

  • To be honest, I haven't.


What Guys Said 2

  • Yeah, funny you should say that, just noticed it the other day on the train, the couples that came in were eerily alike in looks and clothing. Not just in terms of "attractiveness", but like, they would both have the same blond hair, the same complexion and the same dress style.

    • But I think these couples are always in a serious relationship - maybe this relation is the ground rule for a serious relationship and not just a hook up. However, if you're very good-looking, you're less likely to find a partner.

  • I've seen many studies that have shown that most people attract people of the same level of attractiveness and that their facial features are similar.

    • And therefore people on the extremes of the spectrum have a harder time dating , right?

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