How to be a better girlfriend?

I really wanna have my boyfriend for a long time so I wanna be a better girlfriend. Problem is I'm not very good at it. He says I'm a good girlfriend but I don't feel like one. I feel like I complain too much and am too clingy and negative. So any advice? Or what generally makes a good girlfriend?


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  • Be positive and not clingy lol!
    trust him and be supportive of his passions
    thats all you can do

    If he has a soccer game, go and support him
    if he likes Dragon Ball Z go to comic con dressed as Bulma and him as Vegeta to make him happy lol! thats it

    just be supportive


Most Helpful Girl

  • I found that realizing that not everything revolved around me was a huge step in being someone others want to be with.

    I don't mean I was ever selfish, but i was quick to assume any problem he had was because of ME. Too tired for sex? Gah, he does not want me anymore! He wants a quiet night at home alone? Oh no, he is tired of me! He wants a boy's night out? He doesn't want to hang with me, and he will be picking up girls left and right!!! Being the "center of the universe " was exhausting and emotionally devastating.

    I had to remove the insecurity from my own relationships. Once I decided to "let it go and just let it BE" I became happier and more self confident. By default, I became sexier and someone a guy wanted to be with.

    Taking control of your own feelings is a huge start to being a good girlfriend.


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  • you have to show too much of love and care... dnt doubt ur frnd for any cause... be open to him... you will a best girlfriend to him...

  • Girlfriend is good when I can trust her, she have a good sense of humor and it's not on cellphone when were out ;)

    That's what I like about girl. RELAX

  • You need to work on what's making you feel negative

    • Depression

    • Awe i know how that can feel i got Bipolar, Anxiety, Depression
      my ex gfs had problems with that stuff too i hope you feel better sorry :(

    • Yeah. It doesn't help that he has it too. I'm just scared to lose him

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  • Appreciate him rather than complain too much.


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