Why do guys ask what type of guy I am into?

I want to know as this has happened a few times now, once with the guy I actually liked and one I don't haha but I know he likes me.
If there is a tv show or a movie they will ask me if I like a guy thats in it, like the guy I liked asked me if I like the bachelor guy if I thought he was good looking/my type and then the other guy saw magic mike advertised and asked me if I liked channing tatum etc.
Why do guys want to know this stuff like what kind of guy I like?


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What Guys Said 1

  • what you are trying to ask?

    • Why guys would want to know what type of guy I like? to see if they are similar to them and would have a chance with me?

    • he will change himself nd make him as you like...

What Girls Said 1

  • They probably want to see if they fit the traits of this guy


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