Would you help this person if?

My friend and I were having a discussion about this and I wanted to hear what other people think as well. If a girl said that they were only interested in a certain ethnicity and dissed her own ethnic group/culture.

1.) Would you still do things like open the door for this girl or even help her if she was stuck on the side of the road, etcc?

2.) At least those in the group that she is not interested in (and for those in the ethnic group that she dissed)? For girls just imagine the roles are flipped

3.) For those who approached a girl and she just blew you of or dissed you because you approached her would you still be courteous to her, or help out in need? This particular question is not talking about the situation above, this is in general.

P. S. I have been on the receiving end of being dissed when trying to date a girl several times, more often then not they don't ask me for help. One girl that dissed me ended up asking for help with her phone bill, but I helped out anyway. I was younger and still really liked this girl. Now I am not sure if I would do the same thing if the opportunity showed up, I tend to be a nice guy thus I more than likely I will help the girl out which is translates into pushover. I am always thinking who knows maybe some other girl might see that. This situation could possibly open the door for you with another girl (even though I am still waiting on that). I normally say hey how are you doing and just greet them and keep it moving, but as far as asking them out again I wouldn't do that.


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  • 1) i don't open doors generally... it's very very old-fashioned in my opinion... but i'd ask her y she hates her own ethnich group/culture... there must be a reason for this hate

    2) didn't get this one

    3) nah i'd not bother any further

    and as for yerself... don't be nice to people who don't deserve it ;)


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