I think I love my best friend with benefits?

We are more than friends with benefits but we have no title on that relationship business. we have alotta stuff in common, friends, university and lifestyle too. We suddenly started getting intimate and whats not, thu we both agreed to keep it simple my feelings for him are growing as l try to stop it but the mixed signals and confusion are just making it waaaaay damn hard for me to think of him as just a friend with benefits... Bottom line is my love and lust to him is driving me crazy but l don't wanna lose him. What should l do?
Relationship isn't the goal for me I was hoping for a common ground to start from, I'm not rushing into stuff but l can't get my words right and l feel like I'm in deep shit already 😭😭💔💔


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  • Start trying to stop your feelings. Just another obvious victim of f. w. b.


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  • "a lot of"

    • A lot of? ...

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    • Gtfo 😩

    • you are welcome :)

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  • I think you should compress your feelings.
    You both agreed to take things slow.
    Expressing them may only scare him away.

    Of course you can casually ask,
    "Can you ever see yourself dating me?"
    To see if he feels anywhere near the same.

  • Well if you are really steadfast about not losing him and hope this turns into a relationship, then hold on for a ride full of emotional ups and downs.

  • Confess to him immediately. The longer you wait the harder it'll be. Tell him that you now have feelings for him and that you don't know what you should do. If he still wants to keep things casual, break things off. Chances are he won't ever feel the same about you, if he still can't consider something serious after you've confessed. Keeping it casual with him will only make you fall for him more, and it will only hurt you even more when the inevitable happens (i. e. when you break things off... or when he does). So talk to him about it. And go into that conversation with no expectations.


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