Why do girls ALWAYS get jealous when I talk to their BF?

I have a couple of guy friends who I speak to. Their girlfriends always gets jealous and ends up ignoring them or deleting them from Facebook. I had one guy come up to speak to me and seconds later, lo and behold, his jealous girlfriend was behind him. Everybody say and he had to go. What's going on?

The guy I am seeing is liking pictures of other girls and even friends with strippers but I ain't complainin?


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  • They see you as a threat, they're insecure and think that their guy will fall for you. There's A LOT of controlling of men by their girlfriends nowadays. Nearly every guy I know has come out of a relationship with a woman who has stopped them from speaking to their friends, girls and even remove them from social media. I've had close guy friends not speak to me for years, then come back telling me that they weren't allowed to contact me! They just have issues that shouldn't concern you.

    If it bothers you, show the girl that you're not a threat, that you're actually a nice girl and not the vindictive bitch they've imagined you are, by talking to them. Tell them that you're seeing a guy and that you've been friends with her boyfriend for so long, that doesn't she think something would've happened by now and assure her nothing's wrong.

    My friends' girlfriend is controlling and I've spoken to her numerous times about her behaviour. I can tell she's a nice girl, but her insecurities and paranoia gets the better of her and ruins the relationship and her boyfriend's mood, along with his friend's moods. However, not matter how much I try to tell her to relax and trust her boyfriend who is totally loyal, she's just been getting worse so I've given up. The guy won't stick around for long if she continues like that so you'll have to just hold on until they break up!

    • But I wasn't even flirting with them at all. I was even asking for relationship advice and asking him to introduce some guys for me!

    • You don't have to flirt. You can just be in the guy's life and she'll get jealous.

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • One sided story; I can almost guarantee you're proper flirty with them/have had some history with them.

    • Absolutely guaranteed :)

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    • "I have a couple of guy friends"

      "I did not even know him before."

      Something doesn't add up, but I really don't care enough to argue the truth out of you.

    • There are too many cases and these are just a few, from guys and guy friends. That guy and I did end up being friends though. I am not a tramp. If somebody stole my girl or boyfriend, I'd feel shit. I am not a homewrecker and hate drama.

  • Come on, I imagine you're a smart girl, you don't know of any reason why?

    • I wasn't even flirting with any of them. One was so much older than me.

    • Curious thing is that what defines 'flirting' is different for everyone, so who knows.

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  • What makes you think they are jealous?

    • The guy friend told me himself. Did you read? His girlfriend deleted him from FB because he was talking to me and one came right up and started talking to me while his girlfriend immediately followed suite. Everybody said she was jealous and had this jealous look.

  • Those girls seem insecure


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