He invited me to sleep over to his house? Should I be concerned that he waits until his mother is away before inviting me over?

I've been dating this guy for a month now and have been on 7 dates- and everything has actually been going at a pretty slow pace (First hug- third date, first kiss- fifth date.. stuff like that). I invited him to my house for our seventh date for movies, and he finally held my hand near the middle of the second movie (for the first time.. he seemed so nervous). When it was over, I asked him if there was anything he needed, and he said " No.. well actually.. there is one thing" and he pulled me over and kissed me.. and we made out for well over an hour. It alternated between playful teasing and intimate touching, and at one point he realized what time it was (it was almost 12am) he looked me in the eyes and said "I really don't want to leave". I told him he could stay if he wanted, and he seemed surprised. He ended up leaving because he had stuff to do in the morning (he lives 40ish minutes away) and thought it would be awkward since I live with my grandmother, and I had to be somewhere in the morning as well. Anyway, he then asked me my last name and apologized for being awkward about it, told me he wanted to go fishing with me this week (he knows I like fishing, but isn't really into it much himself) and invited me to spend the night at his house in a couple of weeks since his mother will be away on vacation (from the beginning he has told me that he doesn't get along with her).

I mean, he didn't push the issue of sex with me at my house and was very respectful, and my intentions were fairly innocent when I invited him to stay the night. We haven't had "the talk" or anything, and we met online, so I don't know if he's sleeping with anyone else. Should I be concerned that he waits until his mother is away before inviting me over?
He's a really sweet guy- just a tad awkward and unsure of himself. He's going away for a few months overseas in the fall for school, though. But would he remember little things I said way back when we first started talking or go out of his way to do things I enjoy and be this nervous if he didn't seriously like me?


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  • If you feel comfortable with him then I would not worry about it. From a guys perspective, inviting a girlfriend to spend the night, when he lives with his mother could be embarrassing for him and possibly you.

    Key is do you feel comfortable with him?

    • I do.

      I mean, I was embarrassed inviting him over since I live with my grandmother, but I still did because I wanted to show him that I trusted and was comfortable with him. Last week he was watching a movie at his house that I said I wanted to see, and he said he would invite me over to watch it... but said that his mom is psychotic and never leaves the house. So he sort of just kept me up-to-date with the movie through text while I did my own thing. :/

  • Yes you should. You can't trust anyone these days. How long are you going for? Let some of your friends know or guy friends as well where you will be and that you'll be alone with a guy. Tell them what time you plan on leaving etc so in case of anything people will knowwhereyou are

    • How long am I going for? It's one night. I wouldn't go over to his house if I didn't trust him... but I realize how my question might come across to seem as though I'm afraid he's a serial killer or something. I will definitely tell someone when I go, but I was mostly wondering if I should be concerned that he's not seriously interested if he doesn't seem eager for me to meet his mother. We both sort of bonded over the fact that we don't really get along with our families that much anyway, so maybe it isn't significant.

    • Just looking out for ya.

    • Much appreciated.

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