Guys specifically, have you ever had a time in your life when you did not want to date any girls or be in a relationship and what caused this?

Reasons why you guys have periods of no interest in girls and relationships or dating?


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  • Sometimes our lives are just perfect the way it is. We go through times where we are just happy being guys. Our lives are full and total just hanging with our buds, going fishing, doing guy stuff. Girls and being in relationships isn't always easy or fun. Sometimes we just don't need the drama and conflicts that can accommodate a lot of relationships. Sometimes it is just easier to not have to worry about that stuff.

    • Yea, all great points. I used to feel that way from a girl's perspective for a while a few years back. Its hard to understand when you start to go crazy over someone and always want to be with them though, then its hard to imagine how to do anything without them.

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  • Really, really, really ugly breakup. Just about turned me off for good, too. You were 5 when that happened. I haven't dated since.

    • Awww :( why didn't you just move on and find love elsewhere? lots of fish in the sea. I ask cuz this guy I really wanted to date had a fairly resent breakup and claimed we waz super busy with things. We also lived kinda far away tho. I couldn't tell if it waz more the breakup the cause of his disinterest in wanting to date me, the fact that we lived far away (which he said this was the biggest turn off) or that he waz just busy. He said he waz just not looking for a relationship, kinda wanted to know why not try it out?

    • I was pretty jaded after that. It was a 3 year relationship that ended suddenly over lunch at Subway. >.<

      That kind of thing leaves a mark. And initially, I did intend to date again, but then I thought I'd take some time off, and think about what went wrong in the relationship. That took a good year or so to work through. Then work got busy, I bought a house, and started putting time into that, my hobbies kept me busy, and my city isn't exactly chick central so I wasn't meeting a lot of new people. I'm pretty shy and mostly keep to myself when in public (not so on here, tho, lol). The years kinda slid on by, and I was pretty content to stay single, but not too long ago I met someone who made me want to date again. So I pulled up what was left of my old dogged determination and I'm going to give it a try and see how things work out.

      In your case, he probably just needs a little more time to think things through. You've put the idea out there, now wait and see if something grows. :D

    • Well I'm happy to hear that you met someone and will give things a try :) I always think its worth a shot, after all you got nothing to lose really right? What really annoys me are guys who manipulate and hurt women repeatedly because of one really bad breakup with one woman, thats not cool.
      I'm pretty sure he is gone for good unfortunately :( I told him it was best not to talk to him again and he agreed, even though I really didn't want to. I figured it was best for the both of us and the only way ill get over him. He ended with "was great talking with you one last time" which was SO painful!! lol also the distance thing was a huge issue for him with me and for a past relationship he had, he said it took up too much of his time :( I get the feeling that he won't be ready for a long time and if he really liked me, then he would of made it happen as I had done. I really wished we could have hung out one last time though, just cuz I loved talking with him about anything.

  • Yes sometimes you just want to be single and tbh sometimes you don't want to date or make out for the sake of it but with people you actually like.

    Not all of us are lucky to have decent people around at various points in our lives. Especially if there aren't many girls at your college or whatever, then you don't meet many girls. There has to be a pretty and nice girl to date in the first place right?

    Could you help me out on mine pls? It's about such a scenario.. don't want to spend the first time for the sake of it..

  • Yes, twice. When I was in high school because I just wanted out of the place I grew up and didn't want a relationship dragging on me and right after college when I was working 12 hours a day seven days a week building a business and I didn't have any time.

    • Makes sense. Highschool in my opinion isn't a great time to have a super serious relationship anyway, and forget middle school. I avoided that as much as possible then lol though I feel like I'd want someone there to help me with build a business for emotional support and advice.

    • Didn't have anybody (female) like that and once I got stuck in I didn't have any time to meet one. It was work, eat, personal maintenance and sleep.

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