Did I go to fast to have sex with this girl who broke up with her boyfriend?

Me and this girl have been good friends for awhile before this happened. But yesterday she camed to me to tell me her boyfriend cheated on her and told her she was ugly. I huged her and told her that i think she is beautiful no matter what he says. I told her is is beautiful inside and out. Then she gently touched her forehead to my forehead and said thank you as she rubed her face on mine. It felt right at that moment to kiss her. Then we started making out really passionty. Then i felt her lifting up my shirt. Then i unbuckled and pulled out her belt unziped and pulled down her jeans and lifted up her shift. Before we know it we were having sex. Afterwords we siting down touching forehead to forehead. We admitted we had feelings for each other before she left.
I have always liked this girl but it seems like things changed way to fast. I could see having a relationship with this girl but what should we do next time we meet?


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  • a little too fast...


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