How to calm nerves for a date?

im going on a date with a girl I've been texting for the past week, we met on tinder. I was just wondering how do you calm your nerves? I feel a little nervous already and the dates not for another few days


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  • Is this a first date or have you seen her before? Just relax cuz what's the worst that can happen? lol and BE YOURSELF is most important. If she likes you, great. If she loves you, awesome. If you freak her out, GOOD she doesn't deserve you...

    • nope first date, she was the one to ask me, she beat me too it, I was literally about to ask her. Im just scared of awkward silences

    • its fine just pretend your having a regular conversation with a female friend you are comfortable with, the more nervous you make yourself before hand, the more awkward it will be. the more relaxed and calm you are, the smoother it will be.

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