Girls, get her a gift on the first date?

Going on a date with a women I met online and had about a week of conversation, but the thing is she has her birthday this week.

So I am not sure whether I should give her a gift,
Sent her the flowers, never heard from her.

Game over!

Thanks anyways.


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  • I don't think it'd be necessary to buy her anything since you just met her. I mean, chances are you're already going to pay for the date anyways. But if you feel obligated or just want to, you should get her something not too personal like chocolates or flowers (just make sure she's not allergic lol)

    • Date didn't go through, so I sent her a small bouquet of flowers (white roses and stuff)

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  • Something small would be okay like a keychain or stuffed animal or something you know she might like just don't go to big or to personal or you might scare her off

  • Its probly too soon for a gift, get her a card! if you really want to, get her a card with a small plush teddy bear :)

  • take her to a nice place for her birthday..

    • Thought of that, but the thing is, if the date just sucks, then you're stuck there.

    • alright.. then just send her flowers.. with a card.. that would b not too over the top.. but nice.

    • Give it to her in this case then, don't know her address.


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