If a friend asked you to help get them with someone that they like who is also their friend, would you?

There is this guy I like and this other guy who is friends with the both of us told me that he likes me. Would it be wrong if I asked him for help to set us up?


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  • I think it'd be a bit wrong to ask him because that guy likes you... so now you're asking him to make his friend fall in love with the girl that HE's been dreaming of for I don't know how long?
    That must sting

    • Wait what? I'm lost

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    • Oh I see the misunderstanding

      You were right about me liking guy A and asking guy B to help get guy A.
      Guy B doesn't have feelings for me that's guy A but that is what guy B told me.

      Does that make sense?

    • So you both like eachother... Then hellz yeah I would help you out, I'd love doing that xD

  • Yeah that would be wrong, it would hurt his feelings honestly

    • how is it wrong and how would his feelings be hurt?

    • Le misunderstanding, Purple, check my opinion and reply hophop!