Can someone help me figure out this guy I like lol im so confused?

There's this guy I really like I've known him since last year now and idont know if he likes me or not :/ I plucked up the courage and asked him a few months ago what is going on (btw I havnt slept with him lol) I just want to know if he likes me or not and he said yes but he doesn't want a girlfriend.. But WHY ? Im really picky with guys and he's the only one I like since I split up with my ex and it's frustrating because it hasn't gone anywhere we just talk on Facebook sometimes and when we bump into each other in clubs very briefly... Yesterday we talked on Facebook and he said 'hey sexy' lol but he must think I'm a little bit attractive or why would he say that but why doesn't he want to give me a chance? Should I just give up? He's so hard to figure out like he never even posts any statuses on Facebook I just don't get him


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  • then i believe he was clear... he likes u but he's not ready for a relationship atm. and this "hey sexy" he said could mean yeah he finds u attractive or he said it in a teasful way


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