Girls and guys I need your advice, please help ?

So I have friend (girl) that I know her for more than three years and we are good friends. Until this year we would see eachother often, but now I don't even see her, but I have her phone number and I want to ask her to a dinner night, and my problem is that I never invited her out these three years, we are really good friends and we love to tease eachother in a friendly way also thankfully we never run out of conversations to talk about, and I think inviting her out would change many things. I love the friendship that we have but I wanna see her more often and the other worse thing is that I don't know I truly love her as a friend or really love her more than a friend. Please help me and tell me what would be a great text message to send her. Also I hardly ever texted her and I'm not a texting person. Help please


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  • you should text her.


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