Guys going with a direct approach towards college girls?

I think a lot of guys mess up by being ungeniune. They dish out these weird pick up lines and compliments hoping the girl will respond to them. It comes off as creepy and weird because it's ungenuine. I want to speak my mind and just go up to a girl say you are fucking hot the way you move the way you walk is just perfection you are sexy. I gatta take you out. I haven't had to balls to do so but I want to try and start doing it. I think your tone of voice and your body language will win or lose this. If you say this casually and playful with inviting body language and confidence it's a win. If your still being ungeniune and weird your a the biggest fcking creep in the world. I would then escelate into playful banter then create a fun environment for sex to happen. Everything else falls into place. Do I have the right mentality?

Just getting back into the dating game after a two year relationship.

If she rejects me oh fcking well. Her loss I'm moving on to the next.


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