Is this ridiculous to you guys?

So my boyfriend and I live together. We have been dating for 5 years. His mom called him and said that her side of the family is planning in having this big family reunion in new jersey in a couple months. We live in pa. The only thing is because we aren't married I'm not invited. Umm excuse me. by the way this reunion is including like all his cousins aunts and uncles and his mom cousins. I literally don't see the big deal about me going. His immediate family knows me real well because we have been dating forever. We don't ever plan on getting married. So does that mean that they can be ride and exclude me forever no? To each other we are family we live as married. And honestly my thing is if a couple lives together then you don't invite one to a major family fubction wedding or vacation or whatever without the other its rude because clearly the couple sees themselves as a unit so they should be treated as such
The weird thing is I know his mom likes me a lot so I'm really confused about the whole thing. My boyfriend says he isn't going to go if they don't invite me. I fully agree. We are both 24 by the way. Thoughts? Are they being ridiculous?


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  • yeah it is.

    • OK good I'm not crazy then

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