Is the best revenge on an ex boyfriend bettering yourself?

well I was dating this guy (stupid football player) and behind closed doors he told me that I was his girlfriend he told me I was different from any girl he had ever met, but when we were in school and people asked him if he knew me or we were dating she would tell them that he didn't know me he would say" I don't know that girl" if I will complete strangers he false claim me when I found out I immediately broke it off with him. He almost broke me. He ALMOST ruined me. This summer I've been plotting my revenge against him which is to better myself. I have used a daily moisturizing for my face and body everyday so they both look flawless nd glow, I've been drinking excessive amounts of water I've been doing 30 minutes of cardio every single day I've been eating up and down (diet isn't stable) and im getting a lot of cute ear piercings (industrial, tragus rook and foward helix) everything is good because when I go back to school im going to be a whole new me. Im gonna be hottter. I'm going to walk right past him. No eye I contact or anything and make him regret what he had done to me and make his friends tell him that he was stupid for ever letting me go. And humiliating me. Because even though i look great. I dont feel great. I m still hurt its been two months now school is starting back in 2 weeks so that means I'm going to have to see him every day I want him to her like I did I want him to feel more than that this is what I want but I know why shouldn't if that makes any sense. Is this really the best revenge or should I do more to him. because I am usually a firm believer of: You burn me. I burn you.

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  • The best revenge is to honestly move on and stop trying to get a reaction out of him? Why are you so obsessed with him? Girl. please...

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