Guys, How to be the best girlfriend he has had?

So I'm assuming most of you guys have been in a relationship before right? Lol
What are some things you're exs or current girlfriend have/has done that you've liked.


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  • #1 rule is never expect to be treated like a princess. You're not a princess, and unless you serve him like a king, no one is deserving of that.

    Give him head randomly and often.

    Cook for him

    Give him space. Don't constantly aggravate him when he doesn't reply right away

    Don't ever insult his friends or family, or any of the strange interactions they might have.

    Don't go clubbing or partying without him. Ever. All that creates is distrust.


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  • It depends a lot on the guy actually. Not just about what he likes, but his attitude towards the relationship.

    For my case... my current not-yet-gf, I like when she asks on what I'm doing. She greets me in the morning, and at night before switch off our phones. We tell each other when we leave for work, what we had for lunch, when we left office, what we had for dinner. We send pictures of food to each other. Occasionally, we have little games, wordplay or brain teasers, so that we have something to do together. We share what we like to listen to. We think of great outing ideas, and promise to bookmark them for a later date. She never holds back what she's feeling, when I make her feel loved, proud, delighted, excited or nervous.

    When she says she wants to slow down, when she wants to spend time alone at home resting, when she heads to a cafe with colleagues after work, I put on a smile and tell her I understand. :) And she would understand too as well when I do the same. Mutual respect and accommodation.

  • Puts her head on my chest when we lie in bed.
    initiates sex as much as I do
    Plays a little - games but not cruel ones
    Wants to know about me as much as I do about her
    Doesn't always have to fill every minute with conversation
    Doesn't expect me to sweep her off her feet (aka pay for everything)
    Isn't always asking 'where the relationship is going'
    Isn't afraid to tell me how she feels because of what I might think

  • Oh dear, we wouldn't know much about that ; - )

    A good girlfriend will get along ok with your family. See if you can get in good with the folks through gifts and general acts of kindness. Consider their feelings in things. I know it will mean a lot to him if you cared.

    Always be a good communicator. Talk things out. Take a breather when you're upset, then come back with a plan. Bitter arguments and elevations of pride is a sure way to divide.

    Good luck.

  • be the best person he has had. to much effort won't benefit you. if he doesn't appreciate that he wasn't worth it in the first place

  • I can tell you what usually led to a break with a girl. Inability to respect boundaries and a difference of opinion as to what constitutes 'fairness'. So if you can maintain respect in an intimate relationship and don't have a flexible, relativistic idea of what is fair, you are good relationship material in my book.

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