She came back to my place then backed out and left?

Girl went on a few dates with me (3 real dates and a coffee date), all 3 dates, we at least kissed to heavy making out/grabbing each other through our clothing etc. Third date, she came back to my place and was in my bed making out with me, let me take off her top shirt (still had an undershirt on) and continued to make out with me really hard... then decided she couldn't do this and left? What just happened... aside from the obvious blue balling.


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  • she changed her mind.

    • Ya I get that, but wth is that normal to just flip cold like that? She's the one that wanted to go back to my place, and was pretty much groping me?

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  • She probably sobered up, or just didn't want to seem "easy".

    You're gonna get a lot of feminist bull shit on this ask, but just ignore it. Try again next time, and if she backs out again ask her what's wrong. Girls really just want to feel comfortable with the person they have sex with, and secure that they're not going to sleep with them and then just bail.

    • Well I tried talking to her and what not, and she started becoming more distant till I figured okay I am putting more effort in this at the early stages than I should be so I backed off and gave her space... she ended up removing from social media..

    • She wasn't serious about the relationship. She might have found someone else. How did you two meet?

    • Through a class together, but it's over now. Just seems weird because she was practically begging me to come over the weekend before this date happened, wanting to do brunch on Sunday and hang out even though she knew I had plans, now she's completely ghosted.