I look really young for my age and girls my age don't want me, what should I do?

I am 22 and get told all the time that I look 17. As a result, 21-22 year old girls think I am too boyish looking and are deterred from dating me. :( What do I do?


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  • Maybe you can grow a beard. It always makes people lol older. But no a huge one. Just don't shave for 3 days and try to keep it in that length

    • I'm not allowed to grow facial hair where I work I have to be clean shaven.

    • Hmm that's a bummer. What about sideburns? Also you should try a really short hairstyle and dress in a more serious way and darker colors. Also you can loses face fat which is kind of tricky as it is almost impossible to do naturally, you basically change your biological face structure! Exercising, drinking water and eating breakfast can be really helpful though. There are also some face exercises that can help you tone some arias. My brother has a baby face and he has the same problem with you and I have done major research on it. Thought the key is to be sure about yourself and confident. Like a grown up should. ;)

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