Was this a good or bad way to ask a girl out?

So I met a girl on the last day of summer school. We talked for a bit and it was a nice conversation. On the last day, I ran into her again, and we talked again. I saw her friend coming and thought it was too late. So I told Her I was gunna head out. Her smile dropped and she said okay bye. We walked out and just before she got into her car with her dad driving, I asked her. She giggled and said okay. She smiled at me through the window. I asked for her number. I took a while took get it into my phone. Her dad was there the whole time. It was strange. I said ok maybe I'll text you. She said, byyyeeee. But it sorta sounded like she wanted to to leave. Is this bad? Does this mean she won't date me?

  • I lost my chance with her.
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  • I mean it definitely wasn't the optimal time, but you do still have a chance. The only way to know for sure is to text her! Good luck!

    • If didn't ask them, I wo uld neve have seen her again. And it was seriously the last moment but I was shying up before but eventually did it. Was it really that bad?

    • No it wasn't. I mean it probably left an awkward conversation with her dad after, but I mean you got the first parent meeting out of the way. And honestly I wouldn't worry about it :)

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