Is 2 and a half weeks too long between 1st and 2nd dates?

It can't be sooner because both of us have final exams during one weekend and the next weekend she's out of town.


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  • If it's because of your exams it's normal.

    btw, over here, end of year exams are end of June, before the summer holidays.

    I didn't know it was in December in the USA.


    • Well in uni, we have two semesters. So we have end of year exams in winter for Semester 1 and end of year exams in May for Semester 2.

    • Some unis do it the same way over here, others don't have mid-year exams. Tendency is towards mid-year exams. (easier to study 2 times half of the required matter for two exams tha the complete load for one exam)

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  • It's not too long if there's no other time for you to go on a date, but are weekends really the only time that you two are both available? You can't have any dates during the week?

    • Well, when she comes back from out of town (she's gone for a full five days), weekdays are an option. But that would still make it about 2 and a 1/2 weeks since our first date.

  • It's not too long as long as you're both clear that you're busy and that is the soonest time you can go.


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  • A little too long for my taste. At least talk to her on the phone once or twice between those dates. (Talking, no texting)

    • I have talked to her already. In person, actually.

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    • Okay, sounds good, but here's the problem. She's going out of town from Wednesday right after exams to Sunday. If I give her a time and place on Wednesday for, say, the next Tuesday, isn't there a likelihood she'll forget by that time since she'll be out of town and have other things to distract her?

    • Stop thinking; start acting. You can't foresee and prepare for any possible eventuality. Regarding this particular case, agree to meet up , but also agree to call each other in advance to chat and confirm the date.