Did I come off too strong?

So I met this girl online (well, not yet) and she gave me her number. I'm not one for text conversations unless it's to set something up, but I made an exception seeing that I wanted to build some type of rapport. I eventually set up a date for 3 days later on the weekend. We talked during those 2-3 days (my mistake?), nothing crazy though. It seemed she was into me... relatively. It wasn't definite as she said she had a lot going on that day, but to check in with her (red flag?). Cool. I did so, but we couldn't meet because the date location was too far from her (red flag?)... I was closer. She suggested something during the week (good sign?). So I don't text her the next day, but the day after just to say what's up and try and get something going. She hasn't responded... yet. Maybe I'm just looking too hard into this. I mean I'm talking to other women, so I don't why I have this on my mind.


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  • i think you did.

    • Hmm I was afraid so. She didn't respond. Anyway to remedy this?

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