Is she really into me?

Met a girl on a dating app, been texting around a week. A few nights I was out and ran out of batterey but we had been texting, so I hadn't replied to her last texts literally because I didn't see them and about 2 hours later she texts again asking what Id been doing that night? Does this mean anything, do you think she was worried id lost interest or something? I replied when I was home explaining my batterey had gone. Also I was going to ask her out yesterday, but she beat me to it which I found kinda unusual, usually girls leave it to the guy to ask. She asked if I wanted to do something maybe, then text again a few minutes later, before I replied saying 'this week, I dont mind', Do you think she's really into me?



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  • omg i hate when people take so long to reply , it makes me think THEY aren't interested xD im pretty sure she is though

    • it was me who took long to reply, I think maybe she was worried she sent another text 2hours later, as though Id seen the others n just not bothered replying

  • she's into you.


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