So when nobody has dated you most of your life?

so when nobody has dated you most of your life. then a girl decides to go out with you. things are going well. so she invites you to her house. and then I end up buying her a gift. and then she doesn't want to see me anymore. the things that annoys me is. I brought her a gift. I can't get my money back for it. and it's just there reminding me of how much I hate dating.


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  • What's your question again?

    • don't worry I think I found my answer. never buy gifts for girls again. or even date. maybe it's the state im living in who noes.

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    • They sure need money, but no gifts. If giving them money is the problem, you might want to consider a long life of lonely handjobs.

    • hey ill take that over dealing with all the time invested getting to know people.

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  • (Face palm) don't buy a girl a gift ever on a first date only If you've known her for a while but even then... what did you get her?

    • not first date. it was 3 dates later. and still 3 dates I thought would be a good time to buy a gift. obviously not.

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    • no dude I don't have any "girl" friends. or any guy friends really. im just going of my experience over the years by saying that giving someone a gift card they think your cheap

    • No if you give it to them sincerely like "hey I know you love coffee so here happy birthday or marry xmass". You have to be genuine and sincere

  • You lack dating experience and got caught

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