What do you guys like in a girl or look for?

Just curious... ;)


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  • Honesty! Be your true self. Do NOT have sex on your first several dates. If he is worth it, he will wait. Do not lie! (omission is also the same as a lie).


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  • a woman with class!!!

    so hard to find now days

    • Sooo true lol honestly us girls say the same thing about guys.

    • yeah... well i have never found an American girl with class

      that's why my past 3 gf's have been foreign... very good women

      and also women can't want a classy guy if they themselves have none

  • I've never been on a date but each woman I've asked out had 1 thing in common. They all had a great heart. I'd rather have a average looking girl with a nice heart than a supermodel with an attitude problem.


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