His texting behavior?

So this guy I'm friends he went on vacation two weeks ago I just heard from his last night he was off from work he texted me last night we were catching up on his trip and we texted for a little bit then he stopped what does that mean? Then he worked today so I'm guessing he was tired when he got home? Also he's been back from vacation since last Thursday working non stop till yesterday then he text me but I didn't hear from him today..


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  • Sounds like he is busy just back from vacation and got catch up on work , why not come out and say hey i wish we could talk more


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  • He was doing something else! Either a girl came over, or there was a home-invasion. If he REALLY liked you, he wouldn't have stopped texting. By the way, talking on the phone or in person is the real definer of a relationship, NOT texting!


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  • Give him a break. He's obviously a very busy guy. And he probably got tired and went to sleep the other night. Don't sweat it.