What should I do opinions please?

Someone I really like , he is so cute and respectful. I felt like I wasn't important because he never really takes time to talk to me a lot or ever really hangout. When I ask if he wants to hangout every single time the response is maybe. It drives me insane I am used to someone who tries 24/7 to talk to and hangout with me. I just don't know what to do. Either drop him or wait it out. And try to adjust to it. I really like him and today he even Said he was sorry he worked a lot and always has something going on but that if this was important to me I should be okay with him trying. I don't know what's your opinion. I'm just not used to it at all.


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  • Find someone else. If he liked you, REALLY liked you, he would've dropped all the "other" non-sense and spent time with you!


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  • wait it out.

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