How to not be awkward during making out pauses?

So me and this girl have been talking for a couple weeks now and we're interested in each other. We make out a lot lol. Today she came over to my house after an incident and wanted to make it up to me by making out with me. She didn't say a word and came into the house. She lead me upstairs and sat me on the bed (taking control) so I went with the flow and started making out with her. We kissed for pretty long and then we pulled away and started staring at each other awkwardly. I didn't know what to say at the moment and things just got more awkward, so I tried to break the awkwardness and kiss her again and it seemed to work until we stopped once more. We stared at each other and the awkwardness came back. She got off of me and said "you're awkward" (not in a mean way) and walked out the room... Can someone tell me what to do or say to make the pauses between making out sessions not so awkward, so we can continue them without her leaving again? P. S. she wasn't trying to have sex with me because it was too soon.


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  • seems like she was da one who made da first moves... no?
    but i believe she pulled back coz she realized it's kinda early for makin out possibly (u said u see each other for a couple of weeks only)

    • She is totally fine with making out with me. It's just after we were done, we stared at each other and it got awkward :/ How do I not make it so awkward?

    • i guess u shuld know each othe better first so stares would become less awkward ;)

  • In time those moments will become comfortable silences


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