Will a girl tell you if she likes you?

HEY EVERYONE. I'm a guy and I've been dating this kind, very affectionate young lady. We have been out three times and we haven't really done any physical contact other than when I place my hand on her back or we walk very close to each other. On the third date she slightly lingered at her car door while it was open and I assumed she wanted to kiss me although I was too nervous and I chickened out. Would she tell me if she reciprocates my feelings? On the next date should I tell her how much I like her and would like to kiss her? Thanks!


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  • You should just go for the kiss next time she seems to linger. Get close with little pauses along the way to see if she really wants it or not.

    • Would you recommend I get a little handsy when these pauses between us come? Like hold her wrist, or hand?

    • Maybe hold her hand if it feels right. But doing neither of those if fine too, since it's the first kiss.

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  • If you think she wants to kiss just lean in and give her a quick kiss and see how it goes.

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