She's sending mixed signals... need advice?

Hey people! Right here's my dilemma!

I've been texting this girl for a while now, but I feel she's giving me mixed signals, which leads me to not know whether I'm coming or going!

We we will text most days and all is well, the conversation flows and it's all good, however she tends to send short replies, I've asked her out on a few dates but she works a lot, pretty much 5 days out of 7, and when she's off, im
workin evenings! So can't make plans!
She keeps saying that she is going to let me take her out just not sure when she is free! So to me this would sound she's not really that interested, however I've dropped by her workplace a few times and we've hung out, and she has always text me afterwards saying she gets shy and nervous, which leads me to think she is interested?

its got me all confused!
Girls - do you tend to play hard to get and if so, does persistence pay off? Or should I just call it quits and move on?
How do you win someone over who is suing hard to get?

Advice ia appreciated!

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Thanks for the replies guys! We're both off work tomorrow so going to give her a call and see if she's free! Will update you all!


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  • The good news is that I think you're on her radar, but you're not the main blip. A girl should always make room and time, and genuinely be excited for the guy she wants expressing interest in her.

    It certainly doesn't mean to give up though. Too many guys give up, or get intimidated by other men in her life. It's an unfortunate part of todays society where women have women coming at them from all angles, including online.

    What you need to do is do something awesome that highlights what seperates you from them and make her notice you.

    My opinion? Write her a letter. A handwritten letter. Express yourself, keep it light hearted but sweet, and put your cards on the table, but not your dignity. Put some time and energy into her and you'll be one step ahead of everyone else.


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What Girls Said 2

  • If a girl is playing with you at all you need to move it along... games are not a healthy thing. ever.

  • If you really like her, you should tell her that you're serious, and give her more time, but if you don't, move on.
    Good luck! :)


What Guys Said 1

  • A mix of the two - Next time you talk - Try to nail down a time you can go out if she still is distant about this move on.