My crush is going to introduce her boyfriend to me and my friends. What should I do?

So i thought my crush really liked me but i guess she was leading me on. Tomorrow she is bringing her boyfriend as we go hang out. I dont know how to react. Should i not go in the first place? i didn't know she had a boyfriend... Im not the type of guy to get to get friendzoned Ps: we are in the same group of friends and more than 1 person is coming too.


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  • as I always remind people the 'friendzone' is not a real place its where men put themselves mentally when the girl simply wasn't interested in them like that. it makes them feel better to think they were simply too good of a friend. So please stop using the term, you sound like you have a bit ore self respect and dont need to make false excuses to make yourself feel better.

    I am guessing this girl is a big flirt. You get them, I was when I was younger until I realised leading guys on was just mean...

    May I suggest you do 1 of 2 things?

    1) go and get over her. See her for what she really is.
    2) dont, but let her go.

    Either way being interested in this girl is going to be unhealthy.


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  • I had that happen to me once. I went. I think she enjoyed watching me sweat. I think it would be okay to not go. Why not? If you have an active social life, it's perfectly reasonable to conclude that you did something else that day, rather automatically concluding that you're so into her, that you couldn't stand to see her with another dude.

    If you played it kinda ambiguous, her concluding that would actually speak to HER attraction to you.

    So I say don't go.


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  • you should go, if you don't see them today you will tomorrow so what's the deal? Meet them, see how is their relationship and see if you still have the chance to get your girl.


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  • It sounds like she didn't realise you liked her - If you don't go it will make things awkward between you