Guys, I'm pretty certain he likes me?

I (23) have known this guy (35) for about a year. We flirt ALL the time with each other.

he lives in a different town, which I'll be moving to shortly.

About a month ago (the first time we met) I stayed at his house in his town to do some photography together (we are very keen photographers) and we had the best time ever with each other. He loves teaching me things about photography and random things in general.
we had sex, only once, most of the time we acted like a couple and cooked together, or he cooked me dinner, we watched movies and cuddled on the couch and we always cuddled when in bed. It felt amazing to be hanging out with him like that!
I've fallen for him really bad and want to take things further.
About a week ago, I went to his town again to put my name out there for a job etc before I move there in a weeks time. I stayed with him again, nothing happened this time (sexually) we didn't even kiss or cuddle on the couch.
So it had me a little worried... But we still flirted like crazy... He slapped my ass a few times and I did his... And he would always crack sort of dirty jokes.
he's been helping me out so much with trying to find a job and telling me the best places to go and not to go etc.

When it was time to leave he insisted on taking me to the airport on his lunch break (I didn't want him to waste his lunch break!) but yeah, he insisted. When we got there he got my things out of his boot and put them on the curb.
He then wrapped his arms around me and we hugged for about a minute long, it was an amazing moment. He is also very very tall so I just laid my face on his chest and enjoyed the moment. We definitely connected.
He then removed one his arms and had his other still around my shoulders and my arms were still around his waist. Our faces were very very close to each other and we almost kissed cause we stared at each other for a long time,


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  • i believe he likes u then... otherwise i don't see y he should act like this.
    he acts flirty pretty often and he's being helpful a lot... also i don't think u've got any signs he's flirtin wid other gals.. right?

    • Don't think it's weird that he didn't make a move on me even though I slept in the same bed as him?

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    • He just doesn't come off as the type of man to be nervous... He has slapped my ass a few times while I've been naked. That's about it.

    • Still it can happen to EVERYONE i believe

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  • Obviously he likes you. The fact that you guys didn't have sex the second time proves it.. if he was only after sex, you probably would have, but the fact that you two hang out without feeling the need too all the time is great. He sounds like a good guy. Even helping you find a job is another sign. Good luck and have fun with him

  • I think he likes you a LOT.
    good luck for the future :-)

  • He likes you. Airport + minute long hug wouldn't have happened otherwise, 99% sure.

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