Girls, cut-off height for a man?

What is the minimum height that you'd want your boyfriend to be?

  • Doesn't matter (I'll take it you will date a 4"0 man)
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  • 5"6
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  • 5"7
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  • 5"8
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  • 5"9
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  • 5"10
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  • 5"11-6"0
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Most Helpful Girl

  • 5'10 is my minimum. About 6'5 is my maximum. I don't have high enough heels for that.


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  • Well if they do have a cut off height, it's going to depend on how tall the girl is. Usually they prefer for a guy to be at least a few inches taller than them so they can wear heels and not be taller than him.


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What Girls Said 4

  • I'd prefer to date someone at least a little taller than me I'm 5'9 so I would say 5'10 and up - however if I meet a guy who's slightly shorter or about my height but he's my dream guy in any other aspect I would sooooo still date him!

  • At least 9-10cm above my height, so 1,75/1,76m, that would be around 5'9", but if he has an awesome personality and I love him, it wouldn't matter if he is shorter than me.

  • I tend to be more comfortable with guys who are considerably shorter than guys who are considerably taller. I'd date a guy who's 4'0" if I liked him.

  • I'd happily date someone who is as tall as me. I am 177cm which is almost 5'10". :)


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