Asked me out than invited other people?

So there's this guy who I tought was clearly into me. The day we met he even bought me coffee and started to send sweet texts. He asked me out to dinner but we couldn't meet that day, and he seemed very dissapointed. He asked again, but I couldn't that date, than I asked and he couldn't that date but he made it settled we would go tonight. He said "would you like to have dinner with me?", just didn't seem to me like a casual hangout, seemed like an actual date invitation. This was supposed to be tonight, but he decided to invite a bunch of friends! What the hell is up with this person?

Just to make it clear guys, I didn't reject him at any time! The first time I actually got ready and everything, but we had some communication issues and ended up not meeting. It was mostly his fault actually. The second time he asked I was already at the door to go out with some friends, and even invited him along because there was anything else I could do.


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  • He might be nervous around you, and needed the friends to relieve some of the tension. I'm sure he's interested, but he might just be shy or nervous around you.

    • Well what do you think I should do then? Just say something like "tought you were actually asking me out"? I really wanted to go on a date with him.

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    • Yes, I guess I have no other choice other than being forward now. Like, WTF? Hahaha. Thanks a lot!

    • Haha yes. Third time's a charm!

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  • Maybe with all of those cancelation he thought you weren't into him romantically, so he made it a group thing.

  • I've had chicks do this to me too. It's hard to read. He may have already friend zoned you... or, he's bringing you around his friends to get their opinion of you...


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  • I guess he assumed you weren't into him because you had rejected his first 2 offers to have dinner

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