Do you tell a guy bluntly and upfront that you like him?

Even if you just met him 4 mos ago and are just getting to know each other but you dont know how he feels about you? Will he feel awkward or even think differently about you now, if you come that forward or you hold that until he is the one who tells you he likes you too if that will ever happens?

Guys how do you feel if is the lady who come forward in this case?

The guy is 42 she is 44.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, do it. That is normal and if he likes you then everything will fall in to place

    • that is the main issue I dont know if he does. He is ambiguous in his behavior he gives me hints, teases me as if he likes me but then he does things that it can me he only see me as a friend.

    • but what if he won't feel the same i know that is a risk but for his signals it seems he likes me but he does not tell me so

What Girls Said 1

  • With one of my current crushes I straight up told him I have a crush on him. Actually, every now and again it gets briefly brought up. Granted, circumstances make it so it was easy as hell to tell him. Because for one, different states that we reside in and for two, I know I can't have him, so, whatever.

    However my other crush I see on a 5 days a week basis, yeah, I don't have the ladyballs for that.

    • So what are you saying?