Do I ask her out?

I have had a crush on this girl for a few months.
I have just started getting to know her recently and talking to her. I really like her, I think she is really cute, and I think she has an amazing personality.

However, we have just started talking, so we don't know each other on a personal level all that much, but we get along pretty well. We go to the same church and attend the same church-related activities. She comes to the pick-up ultimate frisbee games i set up weekly and we talk to each other amongst our small group of friends. The problem is it is getting closer to the end of summer and in a about a month she'll be going back to her college that is about 4 1/2 hours away. I'll still see her on breaks and after we're both done college though (she has 2 years left, I have 1 year left) since we go to the same church at home. So, The question is do I ask her hang with me one-on-one so we can get to know each other more personally/tell her how I feel about her now or just keep in touch and stay friends and maybe if the opportunity is still there wait til after college to look into a deeper relationship Because right now it would be hard to maintain a relationship when we only see each other on breaks but after college we'll probably see each other more consistently cuz we'll probably live relatively close (she lives about 10 mins away from me at home)


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  • ask her out.


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  • yh ask her out man, you get me fam?