Petty fights with boyfriend?

So I always get mad at the most petty things. Like it just comes and i don't react well to it at all. I really care about him and I do not want to lose him. But it seems that I walk away from my problems, we have been trying to work on talking about my problems more than to just walk away. I tend to want to breakup other than to work things out. I don't know why I do this because I don't really want to break up, I really want to stop getting mad at petty stuff because I know it isn't worth our relationship. He fights every time. He fights till i eventually talk it out with him. Problem is.. I don't want to pick those little petty fights with him anymore, I want to treat him as he treats me, which is AMAZING!! Am I scared to be happy? Does anyone have any advice that can help me? Please, I really need it.


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  • When you start to get mad about something take a step back and think for a minute - "is this really something worth being upset about?" If it's not, then don't let yourself get mad.

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