On a good date, when do you kiss and how much "action" do you get?

We all have bad dates where we just don't click with the other person, but when you really connect and are really attracted to the other person how much "action" do you get?

Does getting more "action" mean you're making a good connection with the person, or do you sometimes kiss or makeout with someone even when you don't feel any connection with them?

  • Don't kiss until the 3rd date or later.
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  • Don't kiss until the 2nd date.
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  • Don't kiss until the end of the 1st date.
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  • Middle of the first date and makeout at the end.
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  • Early in the first date and makeout several times during the first date.
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  • Early in the first date and in bed together before the night is over.
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  • I Don't Date\I Don't Kiss\See Results
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  • I would say kiss at the end of the first date if it feels right. If it was a bad date then of course not just lay it to rest haha.

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