I always text her first?

I've been dating an old friend for just over 3 weeks now and we have both had a great time it seems like. I usually text her daily but it seems that I text her first everytime. We have good converstions most of the time. I haven't texted her for a day and a half now and I have recieved nothing from her. Should I text her or wait? We also have a date planned tomorrow.

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  • Coming from a girls point of view, most of us feel like if we take the initiative to text first, we become annoying and don't know if a guys gonna be annoyed or happy that we texted first. When it comes to guys im dating I usually don't text first unless they say they like being texted first, but with guy friends I don't mind texting them first. If you want her to text you first let her know that you like it.


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  • She doesn't have to text you cos she's got nothing to say or think it's not worth it.

  • I think you should tell her how you feel,

    • I'm scared that it I will seem to needy and it will push her away.

    • Give her until tonight & if she doesn't text you then text her, it's a relationship you're both supposed to put in work, Also if she doesn't appreciate you telling her how you feel then she isn't mature enough for something serious

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