Just another one of those "What do they mean by this" questions?

So yeah I met this girl last week at a social event, had a really fun times, laughed loads, and generally thought we'd hit it off. Came home to find she sent me an FB request, so I messaged her the next day and we've chatted a bit.

We were talking again today and I asked if she was busy much this week and wanted to hang out; her response was that she was busy working, but would "see me round soon", and 'perhaps' so we could talk to a third person about something which we'd been talking about, and she said a couple of other things in relation to what we'd already been talking about, . I said definitely and continued the convo as before.

I'm confused as to whether this was a polite "no" to anything at all, a "no but maybe hang out in a group" or a "yes but I'm busy this week".

What do you think? thanks in advance.


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  • Either playing hard to get. Really is working and can't make it that day but wants to hang out. Could be shy and nervous ( that's probably it). Or is weird and doesn't know what she wants. ... Wishi knew what type of woman she is

    • She doesn't seem like the type of person who'd be shy or nervous. It could be that she's not sure yet, and wanted to leave her options open, but the realist/pessimist in me says she'd probably just giving a polite no, and is being nice partly because she's kind but also because we have mutual friends so a more definitive 'no' might come off as rude and reflect badly on her/make it awkward if we do go to similar events.

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  • I'll say the fact that she WANTED to message you and talk to you, and the fact that she said that she would like to see you around soon means that she probably is interested. If she wasn't she wouldn't have even bothered, and she probably is busy anyways. Go for it man.

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